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Yoga, Meditation, Bio Magnetism Therapy,  Forest Transference of Energy, Beach Ionization Therapy, Aura Cleansing, Relaxing Massage, Mineral Hot Springs and Nutritional Evaluation

Ready to Recharge?

Day 1 Nutritional Evaluations

B – L – D

You will be picked up at the airport and at 5,437 feet, the Arenal Volcano looms large and ominous over the pastured green hillsides that surround its base. Although currently in a resting phase, Arenal remained the country’s most active volcano for the past 43 years.

Its storied history is charged with eruptions – both major and minor – that have intimately affected the region and the people who live here.

Nutritional evaluations will be held to determine you current health status. Here you will be coached about fueling and nurturing your body with the foods which are most beneficial to you. Afterwards you will be able to take some time off to rest at the hotel.

The hotel will be a 4 or 5 star hotel (depending on availability), an option is Tabacon, where there is a large extension of bathing areas in thermal waters. That is, the pure waters of the area heated by the volcano that is at a temperature for the enjoyment and relationship.

Day 2 Rainforest Hike

B – L – D

We start with 25-minute drive to the West side of the Arenal Volcano, where we will hike through the rainforest.

During the hike it is possible to see many plants, birds and other animal species that call the rainforest home. Through out this exciting tour you will be reminded of the power of nature each time you hear the volcano’s activity.

After that, we will take you to a viewpoint where you can watch the volcano while enjoying a drink. Along the way, you will be able to see where lava rivers have now become solid.

You will have a relaxing yoga meditation session, meant to sooth the mind and body, followed by relaxing massage to unwind the body. You will proceed to detox in the hot springs, where the waters heated and energized by the volcano, which makes this a truly special experience.

Day 3 Bio Magnetism Therapy

B – L – D

Today you will have Bio Magnetism Therapy. This is an alternative practice, to treat pains help restore your body natural vibration frequency back to a healthy state. You will have the opportunity to forest bathe is done to support healing and wellness through immersion in forests and other natural environments.

Day 4 Monterverde Cloud Forest

B – L – D

Land trip to Monterverde, which is really known for its cloud forest.

You will be able to hike at the Santa Elena reserve, situated 7 km northwest of Santa Elena town. The Cloud Forest Reserve is an exceptional hiking experience.

The Santa Elena Cloud Forest is a wonderland of green lushness. Giant tree ferns, bamboo and palm trees grow abundantly in the under story, while thick moss covered liana vines dangle from the canopy.

Use all your senses to enjoy the frequent sightings of birds and mammals, to hear the song of the Quetzal and the roaring of the Howler monkeys and to identify the tracks of the shy Puma, Coati and Red brocket deer.

Looking northeast on clear days, you can see the spectacular view of the Arenal Volcano and lake with the same name. Later you will be taken to the Establo Hotel. Submerged in the mystical Monteverde Cloud Forest,

El Establo offers you the best view of the area, heated pool, spa, restaurants, cafe-bars, events center, internet access, tennis and mini soccer courts, trails, night walk, our own canopy tour and a highly qualified staff. Its owners, a half Costa
Rican family – half Quaker, will make you experience the best of both cultures.

Day 5 Canopy Tour

B – L – D

Today you will have a canopy tour. Our Canopy Tour guides start by harnessing you with all the appropriate equipment after which they will lecture you on all the safety procedures to enjoy this amazing adventure with our “Safety First” motto.

You will then be flying through 15 cables and 18 platforms with an optional Tarzan Swing at the end of the adventure. Selvatura Park is one of the longest Canopy Tours in Costa Rica. Also it is the only canopy tour located inside the Monteverde Cloud Forest.

If you are looking for an extreme Monteverde canopy tour and amazing rides.The tour usually takes between 2.5 and 3 hours and can be done by adventurers from ages 4 and older. It is a safe adventure for everyone although restrictions may apply. Tree Top Walkways consist of a 1.9 mile (approximately 3 kilometer) trail that crosses through the Monteverde Cloud Forest.

Here visitors will walk on eight different bridges with various lengths ranging between 150 feet ( 50 meters) up to 510 feet ( 170 meters ) and altitudes ranging between 36 feet ( 12 meters ) up to 180 feet ( 60 meters ). Each bridge has a width of five feet, the widest bridges in Costa Rica, and also a capacity of up to 80 people per bridge making them both the longest and strongest bridge systems in the Monteverde Cloud Forest. The Tree Top Walkways are suitable for people of all ages. The duration of the hike usually takes between 1.5 and 2 hours.

Afterward we will head to Santa Teresa Beach. Here it is believed, by many healers, that it negative ion tinge atmosphere can help alignment and give a sense of happines. You will be staying at the Latitud 10 hotel featuring only five open-air casitas nestled way in nature just steps from the white sands, you’ll enjoy all the luxuries of a resort with a friendly personalized pampering like no other. It almost feels like staying at a friend’s beach home.

Day 6 Meditation on the Beach

B – L – D

Today you will have a meditation session in the morning on the beach. And you will have the rest of the day to yourselves to relax, until night when you will have an aura cleansing.

Day 7 Cabo Blanco Reserve

B – L – D

Today you will visit Cabo Blanco Reserve. Nestled on the extreme southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula is the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve, one of the most scenically beautiful areas of Costa Rica. Cabo Blanco holds a special place in the history of Costa Rica.

It was the country’s first area that was protected for nature conservation,  and the first National Park created in Costa Rica in 1963. The History of Cabo Blanco The reserve is named after the island Cabo Blanco, located 1.6 km from the reserve’s southern tip.

Since the times of the Conquistadores it has been known as the “White Cape” because encrusted guano covers the rocks. Cabo Blanco is an important seabird sanctuary and popular with ornithologists. It hosts large numbers of brown pelicans, frigate birds, laughing gulls, common terns, ospreys and Costa Rica’s largest community of brown boobies. Along the coast of the reserve are various roost trees to which large numbers of pelicans retire each evening.

In the late afternoon from the beaches of Mal País and Santa Teresa you can watch them gliding past in their long V-shaped formations. After an empowering yoga session you will enjoy a delicious pic-nic lunch.

Day 8 Relaxing Massage

relax massage

B – L – D

Our activity list for today include a relaxing massage, a second aura activations a closing session with the life coach. But get ready at night to enjoy a beach fire.

Day 9 La Paz Waterfalls

Today you will fly back to San Jose. Where you will visit La Paz Waterfalls. As we arrive to La Paz, we will walk through a trail, leading to a spectacular waterfall in the middle of the rainforest. Inside the park we will also visit the hummingbird gallery, the serpentarium, the bird house, the butterfly garden and the frog’s exhibit; to be enjoyed by those of all ages.

You will stay today At Finca Rosa Blanca. This hotel has its own organica coffee plantation

Day 10 Transfer Out


After your typical a la carte breakfast, you will be taken to the airport where you will defenetly take home wonderful memories of at your time in Costa Rica.

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